Web Design & Build

The process of creating websites, it involves both aesthetics and design elements as well as mechanics such as functionality, coding and site operations. Aspects involved may include some or all of the following – webpage layout, content production, animation, menu and navigation design, programming, device optimization, testing and publishing.

Social Media

Social media is a broad term that refers to the collective of online communication channels and tools devoted to community-building, user-generated content, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. This encompasses applications, forums, microblogs, social networking sites and wikis. Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia, Pinterest and Instagram are some of the largest social platforms instrumental to the evolution of online marketing and branding efforts.

SEO & Adwords

SEO and Adwords are two of the most common processes to approach internet search marketing for websites organically and via paid advertising, respectively, by increasing search engine result visibility. Utilizing relevant and important keywords and phrases, both processes aim to display search rankings higher, with the aim to increase unique and repeat site visitors.

Reports & Analytics

Reporting and analytics allows for the collection, measurement and reporting of key metrics for all our digital offerings including web, social and search. The data and reports generated allow for a deeper understanding of performance across relevant platforms, enabling continuation of, or course-correction for, the initiatives in question.