Brand Identity

Naming & Tagline

Names and taglines often serve as the first point of brand contact and as important markers of brand identification. Brand nomenclature strategies are diverse and names can be descriptive, suggestive or abstract, composed of real or ‘coined’ words. Taglines serve to succinctly communicate a key message or attitude and assist in brand positioning.

Logo Design

The process of creating a distinguishing mark which when adopted by a brand serves as the primary means of identification. Logo construction can be constituted in a variety of styles, ranging from wordmarks set in typeface, to purely graphical symbols or icons and often a combination of both. Logos aid in brand recognition and recall and maybe trademarked to protect a brand as intellectual property.

Business Stationery

Visiting card, letterhead and envelope design form the commonly understood triad of business stationery. However more complete systems include mailing and shipping supplies, desktop and writing instruments, greeting cards and other related business paraphernalia designed to unify and act as tangible visual markers of a brand.

Brand Guidelines

Also referred to as brand books or style guides, brand guidelines define a set of visual and verbal rules that a brand should follow to project a consistent look and tone of voice. Typically information such as logo usage, colour palette, primary and secondary font styles, image and photographic styles are included. More detailed guidelines may include business stationery designs, design grids, marketing collateral, advertising layouts, merchandizing applications, signage systems and so forth.