Print Ads

The medium of advertising using physically printed media such as newspapers, magazines, trade journals and other print publications to reach target audiences such as retail consumers, business customers, and other constituents. The process involves developing copy, design and final artworks which often need to be proofed digitally or in an offset printing press.

Radio Production

Advertising created for broadcast over radio bandwidths such as AM, FM and satellite. The distinguishing feature of radio ads are that they solely use audio as a means of communication, emphasizing elements of voice and sound artistry. A typical radio spot features a script recorded by professional voice-over artists, audio effects and music.


Optimized and designed for exterior environments, outdoor advertising includes hoardings, bus stands, vehicle branding, including on and within, buses, taxis, trains and metros, outdoor signage, wallscapes and so forth. Modern outdoor advertising has also evolved to include digital screens placed strategically in buildings, elevators and other public forums, under the banner of out-of-home media (OOH).

Video & Films

Viewed across television sets, computer screens and mobile phones, video and film is the most compelling form of communication – a multi-sensory opportunity for storytelling and communication. The most common forms of video and film in advertising are television commercials and corporate films, but also extend to training videos, documentaries, social media films and more.