Brand Research

Stakeholder Interviews

An in-depth process where stakeholders such as top management, employees and customers are interviewed to determine answers to key questions about a brand, business, competitors, customers, markets and more. Serves as an important information-transfer mechanism and aligns project teams.

Brand & Business Audit

Review of a brand and organization, which may include examination of business plans, marketing strategies, product and service descriptions, and any prior branding and promotional activities. Allows for a strong knowledge base of key brand and business metrics at the time of project commencement.

Competitive Analysis

Comprehensive study and analysis of the competitive landscape including information capture across criteria such as product, service, price and promotion. Provides invaluable insights based upon an understanding of various competitor attributes, and the category as a whole.

Consumer Insights

The processes to understand consumer thinking and behaviour, a deep examination of consumer insights can aide in propelling brand planning to the next level. Insight mining techniques involve focus group studies, one-on-one interviews and research paper reviews, amongst others.