Brand Strategy

Brand Essence

A concise articulation, typically just two or three words, that clearly encapsulates at the highest level, what a brand stands for. Reverberating a brand’s heart and soul, the brand essence sums up the core spirit and meaning of a brand and serves as a strategic anchor and lens for decision making.

Brand Positioning

The strategic and tactical activities of creating a brand offer in order to occupy a distinctive niche and value in the target audience’s mind. Effective brand positioning can help tell a brand apart from others in a crowded space and at times, create an entirely new domain in itself.

Core Values

The guiding beliefs that serve to inspire and drive a business and the people behind it. Core values help establish important qualities necessary with respect to a brand’s ideology and align employees broadly to a code of conduct, with respect to behaviour and decision making.

Brand Architecture

The structure of brands within an entity, brand architecture helps define the way brands are organized with respect to hierarchy in a company’s portfolio. Various architecture models exist, ranging from a single or master-brand approach, all the way through to a stand-alone or sub-brand model.