EXPRESSION. Integrated Communications.


Via is the largest travel company in India with an annual turnover of $500 million and presence in over 1700 cities. The company has silently revolutionized the travel domain in India by bridging the gap between demand and supply among hotels and customers through a range of innovative products and services that help travelers secure the best accommodation rates and hotels maintain the highest occupancy levels year round.


Via needed an effective medium to raise its brand awareness and communicate its core value proposition to both hotels and customers. Additionally, the brand communication needed to be designed to effectively spread the core benefits of signing up with Via to a large number of existing customers as well as new prospects.


We scripted, directed and produced a series of short audio-visual presentations designed to deliver the key benefits to each of Via’s target audience types. The presentations quickly and effectively propagated benefits for each group using visual imagery and voice-over narratives. We ensured that the production quality was high yet could be delivered to audiences seamlessly over the internet.


The audio-visual presentations were sent to hundreds of hotels and thousands of customers and received an overwhelming response, spurring Via to ask us to create more branded presentations for them.