Resonate Systems

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Resonate Systems, a forward-thinking technology company, was founded with a clear purpose: to simplify lives and unlock new possibilities. Its mission centers around incrementally improving customer experiences with electronic devices and accessories. To better understand this, imagine modems equipped with backup batteries to safeguard against electrical failures, and charging cables featuring multiple outputs to seamlessly support multiple devices.


Resonate Systems needed several brand assets including a distinctive logo, corporate stationery, packaging solutions, and an engaging website to support its market entry. The company founders wanted the branding effort to resonate well internationally, as they were planning to expand beyond Indian shores.

Resonate Systems Web Design
Resonate Systems Visiting Card Design
Resonate Systems Logo Design


By carefully understanding several use case scenarios we quickly grasped the value of what Resonate Systems’ products would deliver to customers. As a first step, we designed a robust brandmark with a symbol to serve as the brand identity. Incorporating a symbol was an important part of our design-thinking so that the logo would stand out on physical products and packaging, including when embossed and engraved. Next, we created world-class packaging concepts employing the principles of clean and impactful design. The final step of our engagement involved creating a user-friendly website – a digital storefront for the brand. Here, visitors could explore, engage, and seamlessly shop for Resonate Systems’ products.


Resonate Systems served its target markets well and expanded its footprint successfully, in and outside of India. Our branding work supported the company’s mission to ‘simplify lives and expand possibilities’. The look and feel of the Resonate Systems branding system, reflects the deep strategic thinking of our design team.