Copper Chimney

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Copper Chimney restaurants are synonymous with cuisine from the North Western Frontier Province and Punjab. Established in 1972, the brand has since become the byword for great food and memorable times. Authentic dishes and impeccable service, along with a welcome-back culture, ensure that families, working folks, celebrities and college-goers have all been loyal patrons for generations.


After being run as a family owned business for over 40 years, Copper Chimney was switching over to a franchise based business model. The owners believed this would help inject capital and growth into the business. This strategy in turn presented unique branding challenges due to the dilution in the consistency of food, service, and overall experience across locations. Furthermore, the management team needed to invest in building a consistent customer experience through branding, as more international locations were being added.

Copper Chimney E Brochure Design
Copper Chimney Logo Design
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We invested in an extensive research phase in which we engaged the management team through a set of questions and answers, studied competitor brands and designed consumer research to measure perceptions and uncover key insights. This lead us to create a highly insightful brand platform based on ‘legendary food, service and times.’ We then created identity and personality assets such as the tagline, descriptor and values to strengthen and differentiate the brand further. We re-launched and re-activated the brand through the creation of key collateral and a compelling website. A key brand management challenge was addressed through the creation of detailed brand guidelines which serve to maintain brand consistency and help in brand management across stakeholders.


Our work helped to align stakeholders and franchisees to the brand’s heart and soul. Our recommendations strengthened brand experience, meaning and image by helping to inject consistency across locations. In the short span since we have worked with them, Copper Chimney has grown from 10 to 15 global locations. We continue to work to bring the brand to life in new and meaningful ways across touch-points for customers and stakeholders.