Copper Chimney

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Copper Chimney, established in 1972, has become synonymous with the rich culinary traditions of the North-West Frontier Province and Punjab. This iconic restaurant brand is renowned for its authentic dishes and impeccable service. The strong brand affinity it enjoys ensures that patrons, spanning generations, continue to return for more delightful dining experiences.


A family-owned business for over 40 years, Copper Chimney decided on a strategic business shift to a franchise-based model. The ownership believed that this would help fuel growth and expand the brand’s footprint. To ensure consistent customer experiences across locations, the management team sought assistance in developing cohesive brand assets and guidelines.

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Our branding journey commenced with extensive research where we engaged the management team via in-depth discussions, meticulously studied competitors, and interviewed customers to gauge brand perceptions and uncover key consumer insights. This led us to create a highly relevant positioning idea that encapsulated the brand’s essence: “legendary food, legendary service, legendary times.” Next, we worked to strengthen Copper Chimney’s brand identity by developing a memorable tagline and core brand tenants. We then moved on to the redesign of branded collateral including the restaurant’s menu card, table mats, displays, and staff uniforms. This was followed by design and development of an engaging website. The new branding system was placed in a comprehensive brand bible to serve as an unwavering guide to ensure consistent brand representation across locations and touchpoints.


Our branding work played a pivotal role in franchisees understanding and connecting with Copper Chimney’s brand heritage. This helped unify the brand and service experience, injecting consistency across locations. As a result, Copper Chimney expanded its footprint from the initial 10 locations to an impressive 22 today.