Ratanchand Jewellers

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Ratanchand Jewellers is a leading brand involved in the manufacture, wholesale, retail and export of gold and diamond jewellery. The organization, with over two decades of industry experience, has a strong international presence with a well-established network of dealers. The company is a leading source of gold jewellery design and production in South India.


Ratanchand Jewellers needed to invest in its brand due to a planned initial public offering (IPO) of shares and the opening of eight new retail showrooms. The need of the hour was a revolutionary redesign of its outdated brand identity in order to showcase itself as a contemporary, premium and innovative brand. Furthermore, it needed a digital presence for customers and investors alike.

Ratanchand Jewellers Stationery Design
Ratanchand Jewellers Naming and Tagline
Ratanchand Jewellers Brand Logo Design


We started by understanding the category through a brand audit of Indian and international jewellery houses. This served as the first step to creating a thoughtful brandmark based on evolving the letter ‘R’ for Ratanchand into an iconographic symbol. Cleverly, the brandmark was designed in a manner where the symbol can be used independently or as a lockup with the wordmark, offering flexibility for different branding purposes. We created the tagline ‘The gold standard in Indian jewellery’ to effectively convey the premiumness and differentiator of the brand in terms of design and quality. We launched the brand through the design and development of branded collateral and the website.


Our work resulted in a transformation of the company’s identity, a key step in enabling it to attract investors and successfully file for an IPO. Our identity was the basis for an expanded marketing communications campaign as well the inspiration behind the new design of the corporate headquarters in Bangalore.