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Tesserac is a media production house focussed on video and film production as well as editing services. Tesserac has an impressive portfolio of clients including many leading brands and creative agencies.


Tesserac had a complicated logo design with two fundamental design challenges – firstly the identity was not contemporary and secondly it was overly complicated with respect to appearance. Teserrac also needed a website to serve as a focal point for information dissemination and as a platform to showcase the work it had developed.


We crafted a bold yet clean-cut monochrome logo consisting of a wordmark locked-up in a rectangle – an abstract representation of a viewing screen. Simple and strong, the new logo addressed key design challenges through a modern, simple and powerful design. Next we developed the Tesserac website, with built-in functionality to support video streaming, as well as a formidable content management system, for easy uploading of Tesserac’s work on a regular basis.


Tesserac’s success has grown in formidable fashion post the rebrand and it now has the ability to quickly share its updated show-reel directly on its website. Today it is one of the most sought after video and film production agencies in Bangalore.