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Pointcross is an information technology company that develops and deploys enterprise level software solutions to knowledge-intensive industries. The company has clients across sectors including oil & gas exploration, biopharma, finance, defense, security and more.


Pointcross Life Sciences (the company’s biopharma research division) was launching a powerful database management tool for use by the FDA, which would allow for the systematic recording and archiving of non-clinical case studies. Given the application’s superior search and comparison functions and other innovative features, the company required a 15 minute instructional video that allowed users to quickly learn how to use the application. The instructional video needed to be designed so that it was in compliance with Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act.

Point Cross


We first dedicated significant time up-front to understand and learn how to use the application. Next we scripted and story-boarded the tutorial introducing key concepts, tools, and features in methodological fashion. For final production we integrated live video captures of the application, international voice-overs for narrative, sub-titles for easy reading, and animations and transitions for spectacular viewing. Final delivery included encoding the video into a flash-based player to make the entire video readily playable across environments.


We delivered a detail oriented instructional video that was 508 Compliant under US Federal Law, and one that actively engaged viewers, making it easy for them to learn to use the application in very quick time.