Niche Search Partners

RESEARCH. Stakeholder Interviews. Category Audit. IDENTITY. Logo Design. Brand Guidelines. Corporate Identity Kit.


Niche Search Partners helps clients identify, pursue and place senior talent for positions that are key to the success of organizations in the Engineering, Manufacturing, Process and Infrastructure industries. It specializes in recruitment of Head of Department (HOD) and Research and Development (R&D) manager roles.


The key design challenge was to craft a bold identity for the client to make it stand out in a crowded field as a start-up recruitment firm. Simply put it needed to be impactful but not audacious.


We crafted a brand identity fashioned as a stylized word mark with a special emphasis on the letter N to highlight the foundation of the brand name “Niche”. The N is set in block treatment and crafted in negative or ‘open’ space to convey a guiding principle of the company’s operating philosophy – transparency. The corresponding typeface is bold and impactful, reflecting the strength and confidence of the consultancy’s expertise. Blue, black and white were the primary brand colours used to reinforce the ideals of trustworthiness, competence and transparency respectively.


The client was delighted with the brand identity, appreciating that it met all key needs of the scope of work and briefing. The logo was highly appreciated both internally by team members and externally by partners.