Kiss 89 FM

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KISS 89 FM is a recently launched radio station that epitomizes the spirit of a new Cambodia. Broadcast in English and limited Khmer, playing varied genres of music such as dance, hip-hop, rock, electronica, pop and R&B, it is designed to cater to the youth of a vibrant nation.


Cambodia’s culture has had a rich and diverse history dating back many centuries, heavily influenced by religion. The onset of rapid economical growth and industrialization exposed the country to international trends and cultures. KISS 89 FM, as the embodiment of the new Cambodia and its people, needed an identity that would easily connect with the nation’s youth and project change but still retain cultural, historical and religious sentiments of the nation.

Kiss 89 FM Logo Design
Kiss 89 FM
Kiss 89 FM Brand Stationery Design


We conducted a category audit which captured the identities of world-famous radio stations and specifically included the identities of several radio stations with the brand name ‘KISS’. We designed a chic, youthful and iconic brandmark for KISS 89 FM consisting of a wordmark set in block format. The stencil styled font projects a look that is bold and cutout. The primary colors used, red blue and white, are inspired by the Cambodian national identity. The tagline ‘Cambodia’s Number 1 Hit Music Station’ clearly describes the unique proposition offered by the channel and is the audio signature for the station. A well designed and elaborate brand book was also developed, which effectively lays down the guidelines for the use of KISS 89 FM brandmark and its adaptations.


The identity we created was used to unveil and launch this youth brand among much acclaim and fanfare with Prime Minister, Hun Sen, being present at the official launch.