Kiss 89 FM

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Kiss 89 FM was launching as Cambodia’s first English music radio station catering to emerging listening preferences of the country’s youth, with programming spanning diverse musical genres such as pop, hip-hop, rock, electronica, and R&B.


With a rich and diverse culture and historical origins dating back centuries, the onset of rapid economic growth exposed the Cambodian people to Western culture. Kiss 89 FM needed a “rocking” brand identity to capture the brand’s modern outlook and appeal to listeners.

Kiss 89 FM Logo Design
Kiss 89 FM
Kiss 89 FM Brand Stationery Design


Our journey began with a comprehensive brand audit where we meticulously examined the identities of radio stations worldwide. We then embarked on the creative process of conceptualizing an eye-catching logo for Kiss FM. The logo, set in a robust block format, exudes confidence. Its stencil-style typography, adorned in the national colors of Cambodia – red, blue, and white instantly grabs eyeballs. We crafted the tagline “Cambodia’s Number 1 Hit Music Station” to clearly communicate what Kiss FM would program and play. As a final step, we documented the design system in brand guidelines, to ensure consistent and impactful application of the brand identity across various platforms.


The brand identity we crafted received high praise from our client and was unveiled during Kiss FM’s launch with great celebration and fanfare. Notably, even then Prime Minister, Hun Sen, was in attendance during the launch event.