EXPRESSION. Integrated Communications.


IdealInvent Technologies is a company specialized in delivering key information solutions and services for the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector. IdealInvent 5asdserves markets in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa and has three global centres situated in Sweden, Lithuania and India that ensure seamless solutions to clients across the world.


We were tasked with creating an animated corporate presentation video that highlighted the company’s specialized information technology expertise and showcased it as an innovator. This was to be played to a group of government and business leaders in Vilinus, Lithuania, to help create excitement and buzz over the establishment of the company’s Baltic hub, and drive strategic business partnerships.


We created a series of audio-visual presentations that laid emphasis on IdealInvent as a brand that pushed the boundaries, focusing on its extraordinary growth to become a global organization with over 500 employees in just under five years. The presentation incorporated future technologies that the company was developing to elevate the state of BFSI solutions. Well-designed, visually endearing and informative, the presentations effectively projected the organization as a market leader.


The video presentations were instrumental in raising the credibility of IdealInvent in the eyes of key stakeholders and helped forge new business partnerships. The European region saw a key spurt in activity because of increased visibility and brand awareness.