EXPRESSION. Collateral. Environments.


GE Lighting, a division of the 120 year old conglomerate,General Electric, has been a pioneer in their field since the days of Thomas Edison. Today they lead the charge for eco-friendly lighting based on product features such as safety, security, ambience and utility. With their immense resources, industry expertise and technological prowess, the company is reshaping the way the world brightens up.


Over the last year, the GE Lighting sales team has undergone significant internal restructuring including hiring of new personnel. With a host of new employees being inducted into the team the challenge was to instil a sense of common destiny and team spirit, necessary attributes for sales success and glory. To induce a sense of team belonging, the client tasked us with creating a highly inspirational and motivational internal brand campaign to engage employees and partners.


We fashioned an integrated internal campaign split into three phases, namely Strive, Succeed and Shine. The campaign focused on three aspects of GE Lighting, the individual, the team and the organization respectively.The message that was projected was that success of the organization is only possible with success of the self.


Since the campaign was rolled out in the first month of the New Year, it established a sense of bonhomie between the employees and helped in engaging the new team for the task ahead. This sense of collective camaraderie and spirit was evident when this highly charged and motivated group managed to grab the award for the best sales stall at the Light India International Expo 2011. This set the bar for the team to exceed expectations in the coming months.