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GE Lighting has been at the forefront of lighting technology for over 130 years. The business leads the world in creating lighting solutions with new and exciting advances designed to enhance lifestyle and wellness in any setting. It is considered to be the number one intelligent lighting and smart home company in the world.


The GE Lighting sales team was undergoing internal restructuring. With several new members being inducted, the management team wanted to instil a strong sense of team spirit and common purpose which required a highly inspirational and motivational internal brand campaign to engage existing employees and new recruits alike.


We collaborated closely with the client’s senior management and human resources team to delve into the core motivators driving the GE Lighting sales team. Drawing from these valuable insights, we conceptualized the campaign theme: “Strive-Succeed-Shine.” This powerful idea interconnects the individual, the team, and the overall business. Specifically, it illustrates the linkages between all three and serves as a compelling reminder of the need to strive as an individual to succeed as a team and shine as a business.


After rolling out the campaign there was a strengthened sense of camaraderie that permeated among employees fostering meaningful connections. The strong team spirit was evident when GE Lighting’s sales team clinched the award for the best sales team at the Light India International Expo, setting the bar for success in the future.