American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association

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The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Washington DC that represents the regulatory interests of 450 railroad companies across the USA. The organization’s members operate and maintain 30% of the American railroad industry’s route mileage, account for 9% of the rail industry’s freight revenue and 12% of railroad employment.


As ASLRRA approached the 100 year mark in its storied existence, it had a series of brand and branding challenges that needed to be addressed. First, it needed to create a special centennial brandmark to celebrate this milestone figure. Next it needed to redesign its corporate website to ensure a more contemporary look and feel and deliver better user experiences. Finally, it needed to create a distinct identity and collateral design for its flagship annual convention, where members from all over the country congregate each year.

ASLRRA Website Design
ASLRRA Brand Logo Design
ASLRRA Digital Media


We worked diligently to create a special design for a special landmark, by creating a centennial brandmark that was astute in both design strategy and execution, reinforcing and enhancing the brand profoundly. We then moved on to elevating the entire user experience and design aesthetic of the corporate website and strengthening the association’s rich legacy by dynamically projecting the brand through a unique and interactive timeline. Next we moved onto designing the identity of the annual convention, ensuring we capture the essence of the theme ‘Connections’. The identity was extended across brand collateral including print, digital and environments assets.


Our work was very well received and drew strong praise from ASLRRA, its members and their customers. Absolute delight and commendation for our work has resulted in ASLRRA still utilizing the 100 Year logo 24 months after centennial celebrations have been completed, as well as asking us to work on all subsequent brand design for its annual conventions till at least 2017!