Fortune Trading Corporation

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Fortune is an online financial services company that offers complete brokerage solutions at extremely competitive prices empowering customers to take complete charge of their investments through their exceptional trading platforms and backend support operations.


With various brokerage services shaping up the online trading biosphere, Fortune required a strong brand to be developed to break the clutter and highlight its exemplary services and unique pricing models that were tailor-made for various discount brokerage customer segments. This programme included development of a strong brandmark, tagline, website and various brand collateral.

Fortune Trading Corporation
Fortune Trading Corporation Web Design
Fortune Trading Corporation Brand Logo Design


Post an intensive kick-off session where we understood the management team’s vision and challenges, we created a brandmark inspired by a four-leaf clover to depict ‘good luck’ and tie in well with the brand name. The tagline ‘Always on Your Side’ was developed to crisply capture the brand ethos of service and promise of quality. Next we developed a complete online experience starting with web design and including a proprietary application form for easy customer sign-ups.


Fortune’s search-hits increased steadily and the organization grew its customer base from a little over 5,000 to over 20,000 in a span of just 18 months.