Chai Cart

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Adding an Indian experience to the vibrant street-food culture of San Francisco, The Chai Cart started in 2009 as a unique bicycle-trailer concept serving home-made tea brewed with spices and flavours. Today, Chai Cart’s services have expanded to include chai delivery, catering and ‘art of chai’ classes.


Having achieved popularity through social networks and word-of-mouth advertising, The Chai Cart required an attractive, vibrant, and colorful body kit design for its bicycle-trailers to gain visibility and attract new customers at its street locations incorporating an Indian element into its design.

Chai Cart Branding
Chai Cart Brand Expression
Chai Cart Brand Awareness
Chai Cart Brand Advertising


Drawing inspiration from the rich color of Indian tea, we developed a bright and vibrant body kit design that colourfully imbibed traditional Indian patterns and allowed the Chai Cart logo to be displayed prominently. The delicate gradation and vibrant hues of red gave a distinct look to the body kit capturing the essence of the variety of Indian spices and chai blends to give it an authentic feel.


Chai Cart has emerged as a popular attraction at the San Francisco street-food movement and has been increasingly drawing customers from all around the city to experience the legendary taste of homemade Indian chai.