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Petology is a premium pet care brand with the aim to ensure pets are treated to only the best. The brand aims to enhance the lives of pets by offering a range of ‘creature comforts’ designed to ensure pets stay healthy and happy. Petology’s special emphasis on design and styling of pet furniture and accessories ensure that they blend seamlessly with any home décor.


Petology needed brand guidelines as well as marketing collateral and most importantly an ecommerce website starting from content, design and build. There needed to be common story telling thread across collateral along with consistency in messaging across both offline and online platforms.

Petology Website design
Petology Brochure design


Starting in research and discovery we indulged in a light evolutionary refresh of the original logo. We then created the idea of Petology standing for a ‘Pet Lifestyle’ Brand to position it uniquely in the mind-space of pet owners. Next, we worked to design a system to guide the usage of the Petology brand identity and followed that up with brochure design starting from concept development all the way through final print files. This was followed up with a plan to devise, design and develop an e-commerce website for Petology products and toys with the ability to book, track and dispatch orders.


The Petology brand was launched as an e-commerce website with marketing support in the form of a print and e-version of the brochure. Activation included the use of traditional and paid social media as well as social influencers. The business has launched successfully with a vision of rapid growth.