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As Indian food has rapidly spread across the world to become a worldwide favourite, a new take on Indian cuisine has emerged through the innovative marriage of Indian fare with international flavour. Our client had the bold vision to introduce food lovers to this new style of Indo-fusion cuisine which recharacterizes traditional cuisine through global flavour.


While the restaurant had a daring concept to showcase, it lacked the necessary brand strategy and creative know-how necessary to communicate its unique offering. With the management team focused on creating a unique culinary experience for customers, we were charged with the task of developing, expressing and communicating the brand concept.


We introduced and integrated the theme of ‘Indian and global fusion food’ across every aspect of the brand. The brand was positioned to communicate a nouvelle and exciting culinary experience designed to satiate the appetite of the urbane food lover. The name ‘Infusion’ was coined from the words ‘Indian’ and ‘Fusion’ with the tagline ‘Indian Food Redefined’ which communicates the brand promise succinctly. To launch the brand we created a series of outdoor advertisements which quickly and effectively aroused the curiosity of the general public encouraging them to savour the new taste in town.


The success of the concept is evident in the fact that today Infusion serves up a full house at meal times. Furthermore, within six months of its launch the decision was made to open a second location in New Delhi.