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Breckenridge Farms is a private label food condiment brand sold by the popular American chain Dollar Tree. Headquartered in Chesapeake, VA, Dollar Tree is the largest and most successful single-price-point retailer in the USA, operating thousands of stores in all 48 contiguous states.


We worked to extend their label system and modified key components where necessary to ensure that the entire range had a consistent look and feel, in line with their existing guidelines as well as ensuring adherence to legal labeling rules and regulations.

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We redesigned their entire packaging label layout to give more prominence to the product while retaining the brand colors and design elements to give it a refreshing ‘face-lift’. We also tweaked the layout while adhering to strict international food regulation guidelines to rejuvenate the brand’s look and feel.


Breckenridge continues to be the flagship condiment line of products at Dollar Tree bnew designs that have helped elevate its presence in the market as a ‘value brand’.