GE Industrial Solutions

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GE Industrial Solutions is the industrial products and solutions division of General Electric, the world’s largest conglomerate. The organization is a global leader in power distribution solutions and appliances, offering a wide range of innovative products aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.


GE Industrial Solutions wanted to showcase their position as leaders in power distribution equipment, leveraging on their superlative product portfolio in the annual calendar for the year 2011. The calendar was to be distributed amongst key stakeholders nationally across India.

Ge Industrial Solutions
Ge Industrial Solutions Brand Design
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We created the calendar in line with the company’s annual global brand messaging ‘Leading the Future of Electrification’. This theme was the basis for the calendar concept, the pages of which featured products and services employed in definitive industrial solutions, using strong imagery and relevant content. We seamlessly managed the entire process of developing the calendar right from conceptualization to final production of over 8000 calendars.


Partner vendors, dealers and distributors highly appreciated the concept and design of the calendar.