Duragon Systems

IDENTITY. Stationery. EXPRESSION. Collateral. Integrated Communications.


Duragon Systems is a global organization with headquarters in Hong Kong specializing in computing, networking and software applications in the transportation, public safety and defence sectors. It is part of the DragonTech Group.


Duragon needed to create a strong set of corporate branded items including visiting cards, letterheads, envelopes, leaflets, posters and corporate presentations to project itself as a cutting-edge player in the technology space.

Duragon Systems
Duragon Systems Brand Identity
Duragon Systems Stationery Designing
Duragon Systems Brand Expression


We designed powerful and compelling brand collateral that helped visually position the brand as an innovative market leader. The entire set of brand collateral when put together projected a unified brand look and feel, creating a stunning brand house-style, based on the ‘dragon green’ colour.


By methodically designing their collaterals and enhancing their brand identity, we created a strong image that maintains consistency and uniformity across all their key brand assets.