Dayal Cabs

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Dayal Cabs was envisioned to serve as a taxi aggregator launching services in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. With a vision to facilitate consistent, reliable, and comfortable short and long distance taxi commuting services, Dayal Cabs identified key customer need gaps with respect to comfort, service and trust.


Dayal Cabs needed a brochure designed to serve as a conversation starter and company profile in order to disseminate key information about its launch plans to create awareness amongst a variety of target audiences including key investors, government bodies and licensing authorities. Furthermore the company needed a launch advertisement in order to announce the start of its services.

Dayal Cabs Brand Identity
Dayal Cabs Brochure Design


We designed an attractive brochure, with powerful messaging to effectively communicate important FAQs including the company’s key highlights, core service offering, and brand benefits. Through design and content, Dayal cabs was positioned as an innovative, market leader, offering cutting-edge comfort, technology and safety features via its rides. We also designed an outdoor and print launch ad featuring an up and coming celebrity posing with a Dayal Cabs vehicle with the headline “Meet the Newest Star in Town” to create a sense of intrigue and position the brand as an exciting new entity.


The brochure and launch ad were extremely successful in terms of design and messaging and were used by Dayal Cabs to meet the objectives of information dissemination and create intrigue about the brand across various groups of stakeholders.