Chef Om’s Hospitality

RESEARCH. Brand & Business Audit. Competitive Analysis. IDENTITY. Logo Design. Stationery.


Chef Om’s specializes in providing consulting and implementation solutions for the hospitality sector. The organization offers a wide range of services that assist owners in developing ventures like hotels, restaurants, resorts, cafes and clubs. Chef Om’s undertakes the entire process of conceptualizing, executing and operating of projects.


Chef Om’s needed a brand identity including a logo and stationary system to launch itself. The identity needed to stand out, and be memorable in an increasingly crowded category.

Chef Om’s Hospitality Brand Logo Design
Chef Om’s Hospitality Brand Identity
Chef Om’s Hospitality Stationery Design


We fashioned an identity inspired by the signature of the man behind the enterprise, Chef Om himself, to signify the customized hospitality solutions the organization offers. We brought the identity to life in a collateral system comprised of business cards, letterheads and envelopes that projected a professional and eloquent image.


Chef Om’s has successfully helped develop and launch several hotels and restaurants in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai and is working to help create Asia’s largest nightclub.