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Trimme Slimming and Beauty Lounge is a venture of Vasudev Adiga that focuses on health and beauty for women and men. Besides weight loss products like the ‘Aloe Lipofit’ treatment, it offers products for skin and hair care.


The company needed a name and logo in order to launch their first salon. Since the salon industry throws up strong competition, we needed to develop a visual and verbal brand identity that would attract customers at first glance.

Trimme Brand Logo Design
Trimme Stationery Design
Trimme Brand Naming Tagline


We coined the name Trimme, which simply and elegantly captured the essence of both slimming as well as hair care in a single word and cleared the trademark test as well. We then moved onto creating a logo that combines the face (for beauty) and body (for health) of a woman into an abstract form.


Our effort helped to launch Trimme successfully. Trimme is doing well today by promoting health and beauty through their core offerings. Last we heard, they have a steady stream of loyal customers, eager to experience the unique transformation they offer.