The Pasta Bowl Company

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The Pasta Bowl Company is an Italian quick service restaurant concept that allows customers to create their own unique pasta in three simple steps – by allowing them to select a pasta, sauce and ingredient type. By customizing and simplifying the pasta experience, the business seeks to grow quickly and deliver unparalleled value to its customers.


The business needed a comprehensive branding program that included a brandmark, corporate stationary, packaging design, uniforms and website in order to develop a visual and verbal identity and position itself as one of the leading pasta restaurant chains in the nation.

The Pasta Bowl Company
The Pasta Bowl Company Website Design
The Pasta Bowl Company Logo Design


We conducted a flash audit of the category to understand how global and Indian market players such as Kaplan, Barron’s and ETS secure brand leadership using their brand equity as an asset to attract students. Combined with our thinking of what an iconic identity should entail this led us to create a breakthrough mark that epitomizes the brand vision of “thought, travel and teaching”. As the next step, we designed a collateral system which was brought to life through stationery, leaflets, posters, CD covers and the like, which imbibed the brand’s vision to clearly highlight their offerings and services.


With greater meaning and an ability to stand out in the crowd, the Brainstorm brand stood out better from the crowd, resulting in the opening of 3 more test preparation centres, strong testimony to the successful creation and projection of the brand.