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Deco is a home remodeling business with a special focus on kitchen redesign and upgrade. They help in complete re-outfitting of kitchens including the supply and installation of granite and quartz countertops, wooden and ply kitchen cabinets and much more. It is based in the Northern Virginia area close to Washington D.C.


Deco wanted us to design a logo that was simple and easy to reproduce both digitally as well as for off-line applications. We also needed to keep in mind special printing needs such as engraving and embossing across materials and surfaces.


The logo design is created to be modern and minimalist using a sans-serif typeface for a clean look. The brackets on the left and right sides symbolize how Deco fits into client home remodeling plans and also helps to create a ‘seal of trust’. Sky blue is the primary house


The client was delighted with the work and value we provided in creating the brand identity. The last we know Deco is growing and expanding rapidly as a business.